Back to the Roots

We live in an exciting world, where technology and AI have made almost everything possible, and yet there is a great emphasis on going back to our roots. If we look closely, the latest trends in any given field today are based on the ideology that our forefathers had adopted, be it food (foraging) or in our case, fashion. Natural fabrics such as Khadi trace their roots to a simpler time, where 'sustainable' was not just a trend, it was a way of life. Over time, with the advent of fast fashion and machine production, hand-spun fibers took a back seat, but not anymore. Slowly but surely the world is realizing that beauty lies in details, in the effort, and in creating magic with your hands. With its superior quality that feels like a second skin, its versatility, its adaptability to a range of Indian weather, natural, hand-made fabrics have arrived and how. Not only does it feel great to wear a garment that has been made with hand-spun fabric with zero impact and zero waste, but it also is a step towards a better, greener tomorrow. When you step out wearing a painstakingly crafted El Zero outfit, we guarantee that you will experience the wholesome feeling of having made a difference.";

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