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El Zero was conceived out of a love for everything sustainable. The brainchild of Diksha Dixit and Abhishek Sharma, El Zero is a close-knit, micro-community of committed individuals who want to change the world, one garment at a time. Yes, lofty goals, but we are just glad to be a part of a movement that aims at not just creating ethical products, but also retaining their luxury.

We dream of a world where natural fabrics are the epitome of luxury fashion. We dream of a world where textile artisans are given their due as heroes. We dream of a world where traditional skills of weaving and block-printing become profitable and are passed on to anyone who wants to learn and earn.

Our entire process (which you can see in our campaign videos) is based on transparency and authenticity. Right from sourcing the fabric, to supervising the last stitch, 'Attention to Detail' is our USP. Each and every piece of clothing that you will pick up from El Zero, has been loved and nurtured with the utmost care, and we are sure you will love them just as much.

Zero Fabric

Zero Fabric is made using production techniques that have been around for thousands of years, creating a truly magical fabric. Every thread is hand-spun on a charkha (Spinning Wheel) & hand-woven on handlooms. This technique of spinning & weaving creates air pockets in every thread and air is an insulator. This means that your Zero Fabric clothes will keep you cool on warm days and warm on cold ones. Air also arrests the development of odor-causing anaerobic bacteria, protecting your body from infections & resulting funky smells!

We fell in love with this production process and decided to create modern classics using this wonderful ancient fabric. We don’t mass produce anything, so revel in your uniqueness while your skin enjoys the comfort that only zero fabric provides. An added bonus is that this is an inherently sustainable and ethical method of producing cloth and provides clean employment to artisans all over the country! Try it, you won’t ever want to wear anything else!


Our Vision

At El Zero we understand the needs of a continuously-evolving fashion market and are determined to cater to it with exclusive designs and green fabrics. Our current focus and collection are all about Khadi.

Khadi is one of the most misunderstood fabrics of modern times and at El Zero, we aim to change the perception around this versatile textile. For years, Khadi was relegated to the not-so-fashionable corners of the textile industry, only making a token appearance here and there but we believe it is time for Khadi to take center stage, especially when it comes to sustainable fashion. With our unique approach to the fabric, we are committed to bringing you the best designs that are not just luxurious in essence but are comfortable to wear and carry.

Our Team

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Abhishek Sharma


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Ravina Sangwan

Business Development

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Raj Gupta

Website Development


Nimra Siddiqui